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At we focus on providing information and helping people. Marjos Magallanes is one of the most active collaborators in our community, she has many years of sensitivity on this issue, since she has a disease in her eyes called Glaucoma and although it is not curable, it is treatable. Please Let’s support Marjos, together we can help whoever needs it.

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The treatment of Marjos

For many years she has used eye drops to keep her intraocular pressure under control, but despite this she has continued to lose a lot of visual field and at this time requires surgery to prevent further loss of vision.

Information from Marjos Magallanes
Information from Marjos Magallanes

The challenge that she faces

Marjos lives in Venezuela, and as many of you will know, the economic situation is complex. So, we count on your kindness so that she can continue seeing for much longer.

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Details and Medical Information

Below you can find medical information about Marjos

Image of the visual field of Marjos
Image of the visual field of Marjos

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